First post

Hello from my new GitLab site!

I have just moved my website from GitHub to GitLab. I prefer to work with the GitLab ecosystem, especially its CI system, more that GitHub. Additionally, GitLab probably will not start things like Copilot which might take open source software and not consider the license. From a first perspective, however, GitHub Pages is much easier to use than GitLab pages at this time. I think GitLab should consider creating a tool to set properties of static site generators such as themes, but that would require isolating one generator as being officially supported and reduce the others to being second class citizens which might not be such a good idea. Still, the amount of setup required for GitLab is a lot if, for example, a marketing person was trying to set up the website. Also, having to remove a lot of Lorem Ipsum from the project template isn’t quite satisfying as starting from a blank editor buffer.

My first post on a GitLab pages

By Heng Ye, 2022-09-17